Monday, February 15, 2010

gong xi fa cai



hehe daddy wear couple w me grey black ^^

I love my dadddy aloooooootttt. Without him today will be a 101% fml day with my mother being my mother fml. Daddy ish the besttt. I wna get a husband just like him but maybe minus the stinginess and laziness. Sigh when I grow up I'm going to make my children understand that cny isn't just about red packets and good food. Its like the only time families get together and you know, bond. Especially when you have a family and relatives like mine. Sadly grandma's place wasn't that happening this year with 1 family overseas and another having a newborn. Never mind, there is still next year righhht hope my mother won't ruin my cny again. I was throwing pineapple tarts at her mentally. ^^ Hehe good night alll~

The Greatest Irony of Love:
loving the right person at the wrong time.
Having the wrong person when the time is right.
And finding out you love someone right after
that person walks out of your life

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