Friday, February 26, 2010

f w e e d o m

future room mates!





YAY EXAMS ARE OVER ALR~ Last night was hell man. Had only 3 hours of sleep and off my accounts paper... Spent the rest of the day at my place playing mj+bridge and taking polaroids!! Always have this i-wna-have-a-polaroid feel after times like these but its temporary. Yay can't wait for transnational, @yanstasy will be my human alarm clock!

March will be awesome. Work (although travelling to town isn't that appealing...), bkk yay and my well-deserve rest. A list of dramas and movies waiting for me. You know... I want to be bored. I miss that feeling of being bored!! Ever since mid sem tests pls... 2 weeks of hardcore work followed by the mad project rush and exams... Yes I need this break.

Yes I need my sleep too. Good night
"The truth is that I'm afraid to be your friend because I'm always going to want more. But then I got to thinking that I'd rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all."
- Just Friends

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