Friday, January 22, 2010

Everything with fries


Yay @yanstasy's belated birthday celebration today. Everything with fries! Heard about it from M when we went with a pinch of salt. Hmm always attracted to such food places. Salmon was like yum only. Gonna stop myself from eating fried stuffs because my ulcer hurts like shiiiit. Where got sell dental wax can somebody tell me!!

Later part was at Teoheng where we spammed some korean songs, blabber through till their chorus and then skip to the next song. 80% eng, 10% chinese and 10% korean hahahaha! Overall it was good and $3 per person only!!








Will ulcer cause swollen cheeks...

Fries feast.

And omg I'm excited for Transnational studies! Hope all of us can get in together!! Sad to say, calculus is damn boring plz. Jascintha and I are kind of outcasted in class because we are always in our own world HAHAHA. Both of us have to whisper so softly in class because its so damn quiet. I think last week was the first time I hear some of my classmates' voice... Our first ever group discussion hahaha! Uh but i grouped with jas, dp, wx and one more random guy. So its like no difference we are still in our own world.

Yay can't wait for next week to be over (1 test, 3 projs due and 2 presentations) and we will be 100% project-free!! BUT, end sem examinations will be approaching by then. Study week on cny?? TELL ME WHAT IS THIS!! Sigh me and my sad life...

Work tmr, good night everyone. (L)

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