Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bracey rant


Feel like plucking out my braces because its causing me so much pain. Can't bite my teeth completely because they mounted some stopper on my molar teeth. Can't bite=Can't chew. There is this gap between my upper and lower jaw and it makes my pronunciation funny. So when I close my mouth, its not closed inside you get what I mean?? Just a day before my ob presentation why oh why. But I guess it didn't affect much, 5% only!

Porridge, bread and soft food for this week I guess. The next appointment is on 1st March... I will get use to it, I must get use to it. Don't laugh at me when I speak funnily.

Oh oh oh air tickets booked!! Thailand from 9th March to 12th Marchhhh! Yay.

I can't wait!! How about chuuuuu~ ^^

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