Thursday, February 27, 2014

About 3 more days to the end of my carefree days. Been trying my best to enjoy the remaining of these unemployed days but it never seem enough. Somehow I feel that there are still lots of unfinished business, especially when almost all my traveling plans are ruin. Perhaps thats why I feel so unprepared and unexcited to start the new phase of my life and the most dreadful one, adulthood. 

I got lucky and found what seem like a learning environment. Starting at ground zero shouldn't be a problem but I'm hoping with all my heart that all goes well. Probably would face some fresh grad woes and no one will tolerate any silly blunders anymore. :'( 

Guess this is just part and parcel of life. You will never be prepared. You can rant on and on about how you don't wanna grow up, being an adult sucks and working life is a torment. The society, your family and peers will gradually push you to the real world even when you are not ready. 

But if not now, then when? 

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