Monday, November 04, 2013

w.39 bistro

w.39 bistro-1

w.39 bistro-3

w.39 bistro-2

w.39 bistro-5

w.39 bistro-4

This was the celebratory meal we had for the last paper (of our lives, I hope). Yummiest croque monsieur although its really just brioche with sunny side up and ham. Would love to try their desserts someday but that is if I'm making a journey to the west. 

It was a happy meal. Washed with relief that the worst is over... Funny thing is that grades didn't matter anymore, a huge part of me just want all of these to be over because my heart was really elsewhere. Yet a tiny part of me wants to be a student, like forever. 

I know... The irony. 

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