Monday, May 13, 2013

r u n

So at the start of 2013 I told myself that I would join at least 5 marathons this year (regardless of distance). It's May and I've done 2 already! Not to mention the enthusiastic friends whom I can join them with. Not everyone appreciates marathons you know. It may sound really silly. Why pay $30-$50 when you can just fork out a fraction of it to run in the gym or even for free... 

Running outdoors is therapeutic and its actually a little sneaky 'me' time to clear my head most of the time. I really hate traffic lights though. Most of the time my running routes are planned to avoid them. How often do you get to run along the Singapore skyline without having to pass any awkward traffic lights? 

Pretty glad that I found something that is enjoyable enough to make it feel more like a lifestyle instead of chore / task to complete. Love what you do and you are doing what you love. Some people swim, some play different ball activities or gym (though i don't think anyone is able to find joy in there). At some point I figured that I had to find something that I don't dread so much that it would work out in the long run. 

Perhaps this running thing would fade away soon and I would most probably move into yoga...

Namaste. :) 

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