Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Monday in detail

Finally woke up in time for class, caught an almost empty bus (miracle on a Monday morning), empty non-reserved seat waiting for me just as I board the train (it was really waiting for me because the train was 3/4 packed and my laptop/ heavy bag was killing my arms), found the missing piece of my ear plugs (was quite bummed that it went missing initially so I tried looking again and tada!), barely waited for 74, reached early (miracle x2), early enough to grab some fruits for breakie, bumped into wyy and tsx :), some really impromptu hk trip planning with tsx (I really hope that wyy can tag along though ), fave soup spoon for my detox Monday, got the cozy corner Starbucks seat, found my new addiction that I drank 2 cups of it, finally hit 1k for IB essay (trust me, it's a struggle), 28 came in barely a minute, long htht with daddy & mummy, picked out some really cute outfits together for Richelle, workout> laziness, short talk with J (^^), bed, roll, roll, roll and........

It's 5.34AM...

I've been awake for close to 24h because of that 2 cups of green tea latte (which I should really have decafed it...).

Since positivity is the key, I'm glad for this sleepless night that I get to thoroughly reflect on my Monday which went pretty good except for the sleepless part.

Oh well... When was the last time I did such a detailed entry?

Good night / good morning everybody :'(

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