Sunday, August 05, 2012


Hello to anyone still reading, I'm back from my long hiatus. 

Yes yes I'm back to liven up this space abit. Now I can't help but to find it such a pity that the last 2 months was missed. Was so caught up with work and squeezing a little time for myself and the favorite people.

Been living the vicious cycle of traveling to the west for a 3 hours class and then back to the east again. Grateful for the few familiar faces in campus, making school less dreadful than it should be. It's only the fifth day into August and my scheduler is filled up with deadlines, work schedules, food dates (^^) and what-nots. Officially brought "life is a balancing act" into a whole new level. 

On a lighter note... Guess who got a new macbk air for the new semester?


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