Friday, February 10, 2012

signs of getting old

Yesterday was hell:
  • Woke up with 38.9 fever
  • Can't skip school because of a presentation (which thankfully, I didn't screw up)
  • Time of the month 
  • Unbearable sun 
  • Followed by freezing temp in the lab rushing the last submission 
  • Unbearable sun again 
  • Shivering at the least bit of wind 
  • Home with 39.1 fever which went away after 14h of sleep

Today was hell ii:
  • Giddy spells, cold sweats, hahaha even had to do my make up sitting down at a corner
  • Last presentation in TP 
  • Cramps throughout the day 
  • Which didn't go away though I had like 4 painkillers
  • But thaipan with the boys saved the day. :') 

Sorry but I just had to be all whiny and it's been too long since I last did this. The number of pills within these 2 months are uncountable. Need to stock up on my supplements already. 2012 new year resolution #07: Be healthierrrrr. Lets go lets go.

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