Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi Betty

Betty Crocker


Was so determined not to head home after my 2h lecture today because project meeting was canceled... So it was lunch with @jerrbears in school for like 1h 30mins to @yanstasy's workplace and hang for another 2h... Then I accompanied @skinnyscandal to her eye appointment (haha) and then to her crib to bake brownies (hahahahaha).

Everything was so impromptu but it felt sooo good just talking to my friends all day long. Everyone's been telling me to stay home and rest my ankle since I'm still limping and complaining... But now I've reached the stage where staying at home for 1 day is enough to make me feel restless/fidgety/whiny/wtv. So sick of typing on my bb/laptop and I think my mother is sick of her daughter limping and complaining all over the house.

Hahaha ok stop. I've been updating too often and ranting too much isn't it? Blame it on my boredom... But this time round its partly due to my new photo editor! All is good except that it's in Chinese...

Ok, back to working on my presentation.

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