Saturday, January 15, 2011



Been having dates with my calculator the past 3 nights. Facing a major financial crisis sigh......... Whatever happened to new year resolution #5 (Spend within my limit). The 2 Thailand trips in March are really taking their toll on me.Thank God, I'm beginning to see the light... Guess I will fall back to daddy's fund if my saving plan fails, just that I don't want to fall any deeper into the debt that I'm already in... He's already threatening to stick O$P$ all over my room. Sometimes I'm thankful for what my father is doing for me and I know he is worried for his spendthrift daughter. Worried that I will turn into some credit card slave and somehow get myself into a big debt and turn bankrupt or something. I worry too. Its so hard for me to handle a few hundreds each month now, how am I going to handle the few thousands when I'm older?

Ok no, I must save this sum of money on my own so that I can spend without guilt in March. Done it before and will do it again.

Money saving plan #3246321, let's go!!!

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