Tuesday, December 07, 2010



I really wish that there is a fast-forward button now because school is being such a bitch. There are gazillion of random thoughts running through my mind as I'm typing this. Assignments due and midsem test is just next week ahh I wna strangle someone. This is the time when all the funny cravings start to come. Yesterday I found myself eating fruity pebbles from the box and just staring blankly into the a&p student kit.....

This is bad, really bad.

But today I got to meet my sunshines for lunch and it made my Tuesday a whole load better. Doing nothing and just catching up although we don't really have time for that sort of thing. Any tips to be a less awkward person? Can't help it but I always sound like I want to end a conversation although I really really want to talk to that person hahahahahahaa.

Haha I should really stop. Prolly an entry tomorrow because I'm going to help my favourite girl with prom~

Till then.

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