Thursday, November 25, 2010

baby II's first pic


I wouldn't believe you if you told me that I will be owning a canon 500d 11 months ago. So proud of myself for rejecting daddy's partial sponsorship. Not that I want the camera to be completely mine or what... But since I'm able to afford it with maybe more working days/eat lesser/splurge lesser on cabs/whats not... (Wipe tears)

So @skinnyscandal and I made our way to the Sitex fair at expo last evening! So disappointed with the whole no free dry box thing. Guess we will make do with a fish tank and a packet of thirsty hippo. Had to drag our heavy loots back home, such independent girlsss. We are quite similar in alot of ways right skinny. Paying for everything and anything with that small amount of allowance which is quite pathetic for spendthrifts like us.

Ok gna stop the rants and organise my 66.66gb worth of photos! Me finally got an external hard disk and its sponsored by daddy~

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