Monday, January 25, 2016

verbal vomit

I had the whole day planned out: Springclean springclean springclean. So there is this long to-do list... Clear out expired make-up, sort out my dresser, clear those clutter... And the one I looked forward to the most was to put up my map......... Only to find out that my sister threw my map away thinking that its trash *insert heartbreak emoji* 

Then I started being a big baby and cried for 1 whole hour... I can't even explain how upset I am...

  • We spent 1.5 day making the cork board map 
  • All my pins are thrown away too 
  • I collected them for 1.5 years 
  • There are some places which I don't see myself going anymore (eg: Capri, Venice)... 
  • Some of them had such special memories to it, that feeling of visiting a country for the very first time
  • The pretty ones from Top of the rock/ Disneyland/ NASA (omg....... my favourite pin)
Just typing this makes me wanna cry again :'( 

I could start collecting them again... Or get someone to buy it for me... But...


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